Enabling Auto Logins in CentOS 6

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Head over to the trusty command line and edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf. The file already contains several sections, all of which are empty by default.

# GDM configuration storage


AutomaticLogin Enable = true

AutomaticLogin = admin

Disabling the Keyring Dialogue

you may experience a Keyring Dialogue which will ask for your root password every time after a restart. This isn’t much better than the login screen. This may or may not happen, depending on your current configuration:

One article I found suggested to head over to System – Preferences – Startup Applications and simply un-check  from the list .

All we have to do is

– head over to the Network Connections Icon at the top of the screen
– and right-click it
– select Edit Connections…
– pick your current wireless connection and select Edit
– provide the root password (only necessary this once)
– check the tick box Available to all users

Wait! My system boots into the Command Line interface, even though I have GNOME installed. What gives?

You can tell your system in which mode to start. To do this, edit your /etc/inittab file:

// change this line id:3:initdefault: // to id:5:initdefault:

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