Oracle Database 12 Release 2 Installation Step By Step on Window Server 2008

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Download the setup Oracle 12C (12.2) extract the file

Link :

Select the yes if not given the email address


Select any of the following install options.

I selected the

  • reate and configure a database

Then Next ,


Now , Select the System Class and Next.

Select the type of database installation from the following.

I selected

  • Single Instance database Installation

Then Next,

Now Select the Install type

I selected * Advanced Install and Next.

Now Choose the Database Edition want to install.

I Selected the * Enterprise Edition and Next.

On this screen Specify the Oracle Home User

I create New Windows User

User Name : sys

Password : ******

Now Next it .

And give Oracle base path browse where want to install.

Next ,

Select Configuration Type

I selected * General Purpose / Transaction Processing

Specify Database Identifiers

Global Database name : orcl

Oracle system identifier: orcl

Choose Create as Container database or unselect this.

Pluggable database name : orclpdb

Then Next,

On Next screen choose the Enable Automatic Memory Management

On Character sets choose the following option

I selected * Use Unicode (AL32UTF8)

On next tab Sample schemas can be installed.

On Next screen Specify Database Storage options

You can Enable Recovery and give File system location

On next screen enter the credentials for different accounts

On next screen Prerequisite Checks will run.

Now select the “Install” to install the database.

Now its installed the Oracle database.

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