Sybase ASE –Adaptive Server Enterprise Suite15.7 Installation on Windows

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First ,Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) SP 1

Now , Open the folder where you copy the setup or extracted . And run the setupConsole.exe file .

Proceed to Install Click the Next button.

Create folder if not created earlier it may prompt for or give the location where you want to install this.

Select between of the options , In this we are using “ Continue installation without a license key “ .

In this window you have to select the Product Edition which you need. We are using Developer Edition.

Configure email alerts in this window or select the “No”.

Now , these features are going to be installed.

Adaptive Server Name you have set the name and password , then configure all options.

Give SCC agent administrator password – 123456

Congrats it’s now installed.

Now go to Start > All Programs > Sybase > Adaptive Server Enterprise
Select the Interactive SQL and run

Give the User Name and Password you will connect to Sybase.
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