WebLogic 12c installation on Linux

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Download setup’s :  Oracle WebLogic 12c



Install Weblogic application server, you must have Java on your server

Java download URL:-


Install java ,view document :http://tech2more.com/install-java-1-6-0_45-on-oracle-linux/

Use Java 1.7 or later for this installation.

Once java installed and files downloaded , copy the installation file.

i.e /root/ , /home/admin


# chmod 777 fmw_12.

Now run the following command.

# ./java -jar fmw_12.

Check display setting , should be good.Machine generated alternative text: Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Installation Inventory Setup ORACLE Installation Inventory Setup FUSION MIDDLEWARE Central Inventory D irectory Enter the Central inventor,' director,' for all your oracle installations.The installer WII create a new central inventory directory if it does not exist. Operating System Croup Enter the full path for the directory Specify a group with write permission to the inventory directory Central Inventory Pointer File Click OK to create a script in the inventor/ directory. Run this script to a pointer file, is used to identity the location of the central inventory for future installations and administrative operations, such as patching and upgrade.

Click OK Button.

Click “Next” button.

click the “Next” button

Accept the “WebLogic Server Installation” option and click the “Next” button.


Wait for the prerequisite checks to complete. If there are failures, correct them and rerun the checks. If there are no failures, click the “Next” button.

Enter your support details, or uncheck the security updates checkbox. Click the “Next” button. If you chose not to receive security updates,

click the “Yes” button

If you are happy with the summary information, click the “Install” button.

Wait for the installation to complete, then click the “Next” button.

On the installation complete screen, click the “Finish” button to launch the Configuration Wizard.


Create Domain

If you have not chosen to launch the Configuration Wizard as part of the installation, you can do it manually.

# $WLS_HOME/common/bin/config.sh

Select the required product template and click the “Next” button.

Select the required one.

Enter the domain mode and JDK details, then click the “Next” button.

Select the required configuration and “Next”

Configuration summary screen, click the “Create” button.

Once the domain is created, click the “Next” button.

Make a note of the Admin Server URL and click the “Finish” button.


Login with credentials that earlier you mentioned .


Username : weblogic

Password  : *******

Congratulations, All Done.


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